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Fly not fast to wherever your heart desires! If you want to go from A to B through C, D, E, F and maybe K, layover.it offers you the best deals on very indirect flights.
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Don't believe us? Check what our customers have to say:
Anna, Spain | Layover
Anna, Spain: I left to Madrid 3 weeks ago from Belgrade. I'm still not there yet. I love you, layover.it
Jim, Madagascar | Layover
Jim, Madagascar: are you guys for real?
Mihnea, Italy | Layover
Mihnea, Italy: this is stupid. But I’m also stupid, so I kinda dig it.
Alice, US | Layover
Alice, US: 34 hours from Stockholm to Berlin?! It would take me less if I drove. But I love airplane food. So I'm in.
George, UK | Layover
George, UK: At first I thought "This is so bad!", then I talked with some friends and they were like "this is just stupid". I went to my girlfriend and she was like "Don’t you even think about it! I'll leave you if you do it!", so yeah I'm on stopover no. 3 and having a blast. And a new girlfriend too.
Antoine, France | Layover
Antoine, France: My wife told me a while ago my mother-in-law will come in from Belgium to stay with us for Christmas. And she asked me if I could take care of booking her flight. And I did. She left Bruxelles on the 23rd in the morning and arrived on the 27th. It was a lovely Christmas, thank you layover.it.
Ferra, Brazil | Layover
Ferra, Brazil: Milan to London in only 2 hours. That's boring. How about 23 hours and a sangria on the way?